Explore the charm of our Vintage Collection at Regen Bespoke, where each piece tells a timeless story. From meticulously sourced Vintage Doors that bring weathered elegance to your space, including traditional Haveli Doors from the mid-19th century, to Vintage Tables adorned with intricate details, such as the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Table and marble nest tables. The curated Vintage Decorative Pieces narrate unique Indian stories. Transform your walls with Vintage Wall Decor, including the Vintage Tree of Life and hand-carved pieces and our Vintage Chairs collection offers diverse designs, from Cane and Teak Chairs to mid-20th-century Wooden Armchairs. Delve into Vintage Feature Pieces, like carved mango wood benches, with rich & warm woods perfect to fill your home. Vintage Collection at Regen Bespoke: Rediscover timeless design moments with our curated treasures.