About Us

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Elegance In Every Detail, Eco In Every Design

Regen Bespoke Design was formed in 2019 when we completed our research on antique furniture from India and its place in a modern-day household. In early 2020 we conscientiously explored some unique antique pieces of furniture and in 2022, after a visit to India, the idea of regenerating antique furniture was conceived.

India is renowned for intricate craftsmanship and handicrafts owing to its rich cultural heritage. From the Mughal era to the East India Company, the interesting intersection of cultures and historic events fascinated us to do something about it. This led to Regen Bespoke Design, an environmentally conscious enterprise focused on crafting unique furniture pieces and interiors that blend Eastern and Western design elements.

Tales Of The Past

At Regen Bespoke Design, we don't just restore furniture, we whisper tales of the past. We meticulously breathe new life into antique treasures, each piece a testament to a bygone era with its own unique story.

Imagine the skilled hands that once touched these creative surfaces and the creativity that filled the air around them. These forgotten heirlooms are given new life and purpose.


We go beyond mere restoration. We meticulously refurbish and sometimes even reimagine these pieces, weaving them seamlessly into stunning interiors for your home. Beyond furniture, it is a tangible connection to a bygone era, a bridge between the past and present. Each piece becomes a conversation starter, a spark that ignites the imagination and adds a touch of nostalgia to your home.