Discover our Bespoke Collection, where every item is crafted to align with your individual preferences. From our Bespoke Doors, designed and crafted to meet your unique requirements while preserving the beauty of Indian antique architectural elements, to Bespoke Tables like the Indian Bullock Cart Table and Hallway Console Table, each piece reflects a touch of personalised Indian history and functionality tailored to your space. Our Bespoke Chairs collection offers intricate designs tailored to you, they encapsulate the essence of India with a personalised touch. Explore Bespoke Wall Decor that narrates stories from India's past, with creations like the Antique Indian Handcrafted Wooden Jharokha Mirror, transformed and restored for modern-day elegance. The Bespoke Decorative Pieces, each with a rich Indian history, are transformed to suit you, your home and your space, whilst retaining the charm of their heritage. Bespoke Collection at Regen Bespoke: Where Design Meets Your Desires