Antique Upcycled Indian Bullock Cart Bookshelf Circa 18th Century
Bullock Cart Reborn: 18th-century wood & metal transformed into an eco-friendly bookcase.


£2980 each


Brass, Iron, Wood


Circa 18th Century

Place of origin

Punjab, India

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Width: 60cmHeight: 215cmDepth: 70cmWeight: 130kg

About the product

Indian Antique Upcycled Bullock Cart Bookshelf Circa 18th Century. A unique and unusual bookcase crafted from vintage Indian bullock carts and believed to be 18th century, formed from heavy wood, with a variety of metal and brass embellishments.

This unique piece beautifully marries the rustic allure of old-world charm with eco-consciousness. Skilled artisans have passionately transformed discarded bullock carts into stunning bookcases, preserving their historical significance while adding a touch of modern functionality.

The shelves are wide and robust, the grain of the wood now carries the patina of age and the shelving unit is 60cm wide, 215 cm high and the depth is 70 cm.

Each bookcase tells a captivating tale, with weathered wood and aged metal radiating a sense of timeless nostalgia. The spacious shelves offer ample storage for your treasured book collection or cherished ornaments.

Embrace sustainable living with this environmentally friendly masterpiece that complements any home décor, from traditional to contemporary.