Vintage Indian Wooden Handcarved Pidha Chair Circa 1910
Handcarved Teakwood Pidha: Vintage Indian chair with intricate details and woven seat.




Teak wood & Cotton Ropes


Circa 1910

Place of origin

Rajasthan, India

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Width: 50cmHeight: 80cmDepth: 50cmWeight: 10kg

About the product

Vintage Indian Wooden Handcarved Pidha Chair, 20th Century.

This vintage Indian chair from Rajasthan is crafted in dark teak wood and features an exquisitely carved back panel that folds down.

It has turned sturdy wooden legs with smooth curves and intricate detailing.

The wooden backrest is a masterpiece, featuring hand-carved designs and complex latticework.

Woven cotton ropes, like charpoy techniques, ensure a comfortable seating experience.

This traditional low seating, showing expected signs of age and wear being used as a low seat in the Rajasthan desert or on the backs of camels.

These were low chairs with backrests and traditionally were given to Indian brides on their wedding day. 

They are mostly found in tribal settings in Northern India and are used daily by all family members.

Dimensions: Width: 50cm, Height: 80cm, Depth: 50cm