Antique Marble Peacock Panel with Mother of Pearl Inlay Circa 1850
Mughal Masterpiece: 19th-century marble panel with peacock in shimmering mother-of-pearl.


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Marble & Semi Precious Stones


Circa 1850

Place of origin

North India

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Width: 150cmHeight: 60cmDepth: 5cmWeight: 135kg

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Antique Marble Peacock Panel with Mother-of-Pearl inlay

Dating back to the mid-1800s, this 135kg marble masterpiece is a stunning example of the extraordinary craftsmanship during the Mughal Empire in India. At its core is a majestic peacock, its feathers soft and smooth, to touch, gracefully spread in the surrounding space. These feathers come to life with the mother-of-pearl inlay, with its steel blue & green hues.

Executed by a skilled artisan, the design pattern was delicately sketched with henna dye on the marble's surface and then the design spaces were carved out by hand, and some were filled with the mother-of-pearl.

The design itself is a fusion of fine lines, paisleys, swirls, and dots. and the patina of the marble gives clues to the age.

The classic symmetrical planning of the Mughal Empire is also evident here to some extent. The emphasis on bilateral symmetry, affectionately termed "Qarina," is arranged along a central axis. Here, the regal peacock takes centre stage, becoming the heart of this balanced composition.

The national bird of India, the peacock, is beautiful and majestic and often seen as a symbol of beauty, grace, and fertility. however, beyond its aesthetic appeal, the inclusion of the peacock symbolises not only beauty and grace but also protective qualities associated with the bird's legendary ability to ward off snakes and malevolent spirits.

An important part of Indian culture and mythology, they are often depicted in art and literature.
This stunning marble panel, with delicate mother-of-pearl inlay, was likely created for a royal palace and would have been displayed in a garden or courtyard. The panel is a valuable reminder of the opulence of Royal life.

Dimensions: Width: 150cm, Height: 60cm, Depth: 5cm