Pair of Rare Antique Teakwood Pillar Canons, French in Design, Circa 1890
French-designed teak cannons: A rare piece from Hyderabad (1890).


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Circa 1890

Place of origin

Hyderabad, India / France

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Width: 130cmHeight: 95cmDepth: 205cmWeight: 150kg

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A pair of rare Antique Teakwood Pillar Canons, classically French in their design, are originally from Hyderabad and date back to circa 1890. They are fully sized and in impeccable condition.
The wheels show signs of wear, however they are functioning, allowing full movement.

In the late 18th century, Nizam-ul-mulk, Asaf Jah-I posted a French regent in Hyderabad as an adviser. Meanwhile, the Napoleonic Wars broke out in Europe and the French decided to carry out an expedition to destroy the English Factories in India, Hyderabad was in on the plan, a force of 14000 men fought under the revolutionary tricolour flag. state-of-the-art gun foundry.
Despite an unceremonious end to their stay, the French left an indelible mark on the city of Hyderabad, remnants of which are still visible. The French gave Hyderabad the state-of-the-art gun foundry. This gun foundry was one of the several cannon and cannonball factories set up.