Vintage Wooden Indian floor Charkha (Spinning Wheel) – working piece - 1920‘s
Traditional wooden charkha: A symbol of Indian self-sufficiency.





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Width: 100cmHeight: 60cmDepth: 60cmWeight: 15kg

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The floor charkha is one of the oldest known forms of the spinning wheel, a device for spinning thread or yarn from fibres.

This Charkha is a compact and relatively large spinning wheel. The dimensions are approximately 100 cm wide, 60 cm deep, and 60 cm in height.

This piece is made of wood, providing a sturdy and tactile frame and it has a polished finish, giving it a smooth and cool texture to the touch.

The Charkha sits on a wooden base - that keeps it stable and provides support for the entire structure - with a spindle holder positioned on the left side of the base and a driving wheel that was run by hand, on the right.

The driving wheel is a circular wheel crafted from wood, it has a smooth and rounded surface, supported with metal straps and studs.

When the driving wheel is in motion, it produces a rhythmic and soothing sound.

Spinning charkha for one hour daily may improve concentration, multitasking abilities, patience, and mind-body coordination of children and youth, a (BBRFI) study claims.

Mahatma Gandhi brought the charkha into larger use with his teachings. He hoped the charkha would assist the people of India in achieving self-sufficiency and independence, and so used the charkha as a symbol of the Indian independence movement.

Its presence in any room brings a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, making it a cherished addition to any space.