Vintage Funfair Seats, Reminiscent of '3 Idiots', Bollywood Movie Circa 1950
Bollywood funfair seats: Own a piece of "3 Idiots"!






Circa 1950

Place of origin

Bombay, India

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Width: 70cmHeight: 118cmDepth: 45cmWeight: 14kg

About the product

Crafted with attention to detail, these seats were found in funfairs 'melas', adding a sense of fun to any day out.
The "3 Idiots" seats pay homage to the beloved Bollywood film and its iconic scenes, capturing the essence of the characters and their unforgettable moments.

The coloring of these seats show signs of use and aging. So whether placed in a home theatre, living room, or dedicated movie corner, these seats bring to mind a sense of joy and connection to the film's storyline, offering a unique and nostalgic addition to any entertainment space.