Antique Chinese Ceramic Lion Head Martaban Jar - Mid 18th Century
18th Century Chinese Jar: Lion head handles & dragon motif on brown glazed ceramic.


Clay, Earthenware

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Width: 43cmHeight: 56cmDepth: 43cmWeight: 40kg

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Antique Chinese Ceramic Lion Head Martaban Jar - Mid 18th Century

A rare and unique brown glazed ceramic storage jar from China, commonly known as Martaban or Martavan jar.

This antique jar, crafted in mid-18th century China, has weathered gracefully, this handcrafted clay pottery has five lion masks handles applied to the neck, the handles are intricately crafted with the contours of the lion's mane and facial features.

The craftsmanship of the handles serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, adding a touch of regality and symbolism to the jar.

The body of the jar has a decoration of engraved dragons chasing flaming pearls.

These patterns tell a story of Chinese artistry, with detailed scenes that might depict nature, folklore, or cultural symbols.

The color of the jar has a rich brown, distressed finish from age and the brown hue adds warmth to the tactile experience, enhancing the sensory connection to the historical significance of the piece.

This antique Chinese clay jar is not just a vessel; it's a tactile journey through time and culture.

The lion head handles, relief patterns, and aged clay surface invite your hands to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that have withstood centuries, creating a tangible connection to the history and traditions of 18th-century China.

Dimensions: Width: 43 cm, Height: 56 cm, Depth: 43 cm