Vintage Indian Blue Rope Hand Weaved Round Pouf Stool – Late 20th Century
Textured Blue Pouf: Hand-woven rope stool for comfort and style (India).




Recycled Yarn


Late 20th Century

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Width: 45cmHeight: 35cmDepth: 45cmWeight: 4kg

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Vintage Indian Blue Rope Hand-Weaved Round Pouf Stool – Late 20th Century

This unique vintage piece has a solid, rounded shape. It's compact and sturdy, with a sense of stability.

The structure is hand-crafted from a combination of high-quality wooden elements and a distinct blue rope weave, presenting a smooth and cool texture.

The rope weave forms a tightly knit pattern around the round frame, creating a visually appealing and tactilely interesting surface. The rope itself feels textured and resilient, with each strand contributing to the overall design.

The deep blue hue of the rope is rich and evocative, reminiscent of the calming tones found in nature.

At the top, the rope is neatly finished, providing a defined edge to the stool and representing the careful craftsmanship that went into creating this visual and tactile masterpiece.

This vintage piece, with its round form and intricate blue rope weave, becomes more than just a stool — it transforms into a sensory experience.

The craftsmanship, history, and cultural aesthetics are woven into the very fabric of the stool, inviting your hands to appreciate the artistry that transcends both time and sight.

Dimensions: Width: 45 cm, Height: 35 cm, Depth: 45 cm