Vintage Handcrafted Teakwood and Cane Rattan Frida Lounge Chair – mid 1900’s.
Mid-Century Modern: Teak & Rattan Frida Lounge Chair - Iconic Comfort (1900s).





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Width: 70cmHeight: 79cmDepth: 75cmWeight: 18kg

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Vintage Handcrafted Teakwood and Cane Rattan Frida Lounge Chair – mid-1900s.

This vintage handcrafted Frida lounge chair skilfully combines the warm tones of brown teakwood with the natural texture of cane rattan.

The round frame of the chair, crafted from rich brown teakwood, the surface of the wood feels sturdy and smooth, carrying a timeless warmth.

The frame showcases craftsmanship with gentle curves and thoughtful details, providing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

The backrest and seat are expertly woven with cane rattan. The cane rattan offers a natural texture and intricate weaving pattern.

The backrest features a distinctive design, with the curves and details of the cane rattan.

The seat provides a tactile experience with its open weave, enhancing the breathability and comfort of the chair.

The chair follows a Frida lounge design, suggesting a blend of style and comfort.

The unique elements that characterize Frida furniture are the thoughtful proportions and an inviting form that encourages relaxation. The low-slung profile and casual elegance contribute to the overall tactile experience, making it clear that this chair is designed for comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

Together, the combination of brown teakwood and cane rattan creates a vintage Frida lounge chair that is both visually appealing and inviting. The warmth of the teakwood complements the natural texture of the cane rattan, offering a seamless fusion of materials and craftsmanship.

Dimensions: Width: 70 cm, Height: 79 cm, Depth: 75 cm