Antique Indian Handcrafted Metal Peacock Oil Lamp with Tortoise Base 19th Century
19th C. Peacock Lamp: Exquisite Metalwork & Tortoise Base (India).






19th Century

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Width: 31cmHeight: 160cmDepth: 31cmWeight: 50kg

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The Antique Indian Handcrafted Metal Peacock Oil Lamp with a Tortoise Base, featuring 5 layers and retaining its original patina from the 19th century, is an exquisite and intricately detailed piece that showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of its time.

This antique lamp is handcrafted from metal, showcasing the skilful work of Indian artisans.

The metalwork features intricate detailing and patterns, capturing the essence of traditional Indian design.

Originating from the 19th century, this antique lamp is in a historical context, offering a glimpse into the artistic preferences and cultural influences of that time. It's age adds a layer of authenticity and rarity, making the lamp a valuable antique.

The lamp retains its original patina, a thin layer that develops on the surface of the metal over time. This patina not only signifies the lamp's age but also adds to its aesthetic appeal, providing a subtle sheen that enhances the beauty of the metalwork.

The lamp's structure comprises five layers, adding depth and complexity to the lamp's appearance.

It is adorned with a peacock motif, a significant symbol in Indian culture representing beauty, grace, and spirituality. The peacock's majestic form is likely intricately worked into the metal, with feathers and other details showcasing the artisan's attention to detail.

This antique Indian lamp stands on a base designed to resemble a tortoise, made from metal. The tortoise is often associated with stability and longevity in Indian symbolism, making the choice of the base a meaningful addition to the overall design.

The combination of being an antique, featuring intricate metalwork, and incorporating symbolic motifs makes this lamp a valuable and sought-after collectable for those interested in Indian art and cultural history.

In summary, the Antique Indian Handcrafted Metal Peacock Oil Lamp with a Tortoise Shell Base from the 19th century is a captivating blend of artistry, symbolism, and historical significance. Its peacock motif, tortoise shell base, and original patina make it a rare and distinguished artifact, representing the craftsmanship and cultural aesthetics of 19th-century India.