Antique Chinese Handcrafted Ceramic Martaban Storage Jar with loop handles - Circa 18th Century
Timeless Storage: Antique Martaban Jar (China, 18th C.) - A piece of history.






Circa 18th Century

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Width: 42cmHeight: 57cmDepth: 42cmWeight: 14kg

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Antique Chinese Handcrafted Ceramic Martaban Storage Jar with loop handles- circa 18th century

This Antique handcrafted Chinese Martaban Storage Jar with small loop handles is a distinctive and historically significant piece of ceramic ware.

This antique piece is handcrafted from durable ceramic clay, the jar exhibits a lustrous brown glaze that covers its entire surface except the bottom of the jar. The glaze is varied in tone, creating a visually appealing and textured appearance.

This ceramic pot boasts a well-proportioned form, featuring a rounded, bulbous body that gradually tapers toward the neck and lip.

Standing on a flat, sturdy base, the jar maintains stability.

Positioned on either side of the jar's shoulder are small, elegantly crafted loop handles. These handles are designed for practicality while adding a touch of refinement to the overall aesthetic.

These loops have been used to strap the jar for carrying but also to secure it with a rope when it was being transported by shop.

Martaban jars, also known as Martavan or Martabanese jars, have a long history in Southeast Asia, with origins dating back to the Martaban region in China (present-day Myanmar). These jars were widely traded and used for storing various goods, including liquids, grains, and other commodities.

As an antique piece, this jar carries historical significance, reflecting its role in trade and cultural exchanges in ancient China and Southeast Asia.

The small loop handles may provide clues to the jar's era, as design preferences evolved over time.

Considering its age, the jar displays signs of wear, which could include minor cracks, chips, or other imperfections. These elements contribute to the jar's character and authenticity, telling a story of its past.

This Antique Chinese Martaban Storage Jar embodies the artistry and functionality of traditional Chinese ceramics. Its refined design, combined with the practicality of small loop handles, makes it a testament to the craftsmanship and cultural influences that shaped its creation.

Dimensions: Width: 42 cm, Height: 57 cm, Depth: 42 cm