Vintage Indian Handmade Teak Wood and Blue Leatherette Campeche Armchair late 1900’s
Teak & Teal: Vintage Indian Armchair - Blends comfort and style (Blue leatherette).




Hardwood and Leatherette


Late 1900s

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Width: 60cmHeight: 92cmDepth: 92cmWeight: 9kg

About the product

This distinctive vintage Indian handmade campeche armchair is designed with a blend of teak wood and blue leatherette, crafted for both style and comfort. The wood, weathered by time, carries warmth.

The sturdy frame is constructed from rich and solid deep brown teak wood and it has a smooth finish.

The arms of the chair are angled which adds a touch of contemporary elegance to its design.

The seat and the backrest are generously padded and upholstered in a luxurious blue leatherette material.

The leatherette feels supple and inviting, providing a comfortable seating experience and the deep blue colour adds a visual and tactile richness, to the material.

The backrest of the chair is angled for ergonomic support, with a pattern of hand-stitched details and copper-coloured studs.

The stitching not only serves a functional purpose, holding the upholstery in place but also adds a tactile element of refinement and craftsmanship.

The legs of the chair, also made of teak wood, extend gracefully to the floor, providing stability and completing the overall aesthetic.

This vintage Indian armchair is not just a piece of furniture; it's a tactile masterpiece that combines the durability of teak wood with the luxurious feel of blue leatherette.

The angles and curves offer a sense of style, while the combination of materials creates a harmonious balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern comfort.