Vintage Handmade Teak Wood & Rattan Vienna Straw designed Woven Sofa from India–1950’s.
Mid-Century Modern Blend: Teak & Rattan Sofa - Vienna Straw Design (India, 1950s).






Circa 1950

Place of origin

Kerela, India

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Width: 110cmHeight: 78cmDepth: 60cmWeight: 19kg

About the product

Vintage Handmade Teak Wood and Rattan Vienna Straw designed Woven Sofa from India – 1950’s.

This vintage handmade 2-seater sofa from India features a warm brown teakwood frame and Vienna straw-designed woven rattan.

The solid teakwood frame has a smooth and robust nature to the wood surface. The warm brown hue of the wood adds a sense of richness and tradition. The arms, legs, and backrest have subtle curves and handcrafted details that enhance the overall design.

The curved armrests add elegance and character to the sofa. The wood smoothly transitions from the straight lines of the frame to the gentle, rounded arc of the armrests.

The seat and backrest of the sofa are made of handmade Vienna straw-designed woven rattan. The rattan feels natural, offering a textured surface that brings a touch of the outdoors into the sofa.

The intricate weaving pattern resembles the elegance of Vienna straw design which is a type of weave that makes a lovely octagonal pattern, looking a bit like a honeycomb.

Viennese weaving is a classic technique that has long been used in furniture making.

The weaving not only adds visual interest but also introduces a tactile element that complements the smoothness of the teakwood.

Dimensions: Width: 110 cm, Height: 78 cm, Depth: 60 cm