Antique Indian Marble Circular Chapati Board & Rolling Pin (Patlo & Velan), Circa 1900
'Patlo & Velan': Traditional Indian marble rolling pin & base set.  pen_spark




Marble, Stone, Wood, Iron


Circa 1900

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Width: 30cmHeight: 34cmDepth: 10cmWeight: 8kg

About the product

This 'Patlo & Velan' also known as Circular Base & Rolling Pin, beautifully displayed on an iron stand, is a delightful combination of functionality and decorative appeal. The rolling pin, a staple tool in the Indian kitchen, is accompanied by a complementary base that provides stability and convenience. Together, they form a charming display piece when presented on a stand.

Chapati Board dimensions: Height 50cm, Width 30cm, Depth 34cm, and weight 9kg.

Rolling Pin measures 30cm in length

It is carved from a single piece of white marble rock and is in excellent vintage condition.