Antique Traditional Hand Painted Door and Frame, Late 18th Century
18th Century Art Door: Rajasthan masterpiece with vibrant scenes & rich history.


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Late 18th Century

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Rajasthan, India

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Width: 160cmHeight: 220cmDepth: 165cmWeight: 180kg

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Antique Traditional Hand Painted Door and Frame from the Late 18th Century

This masterpiece weighs approximately 180 kilograms, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of its era. Its vibrant colour palette, dominated by enchanting shades of red and yellow, transforms it from an everyday object into a captivating work of art, complemented by subtle undertones of cooler hues.

What truly sets this door apart is its profound artistic significance. Adorned with miniature paintings, it brings to life scenes of everyday existence with astonishing detail, offering a vivid glimpse into the customs and routines of a bygone era in 18th-century Rajasthan.

This wooden door, with its rich history, imposing weight, and captivating artwork, encapsulates the essence of Rajasthan's commitment to detail and artistic brilliance.

Ornate Decorative Iron Bolt

 In the Gupta era, doors took on a new philosophical style, adopting a T-shaped design which can be seen here on this door. Symbolism played a significant role, with intricate carvings on door jambs known as Sakha's, representing branches. The lotus engraved on the door threshold symbolized the universe and the devotee's detachment from the material world. The intricate carvings on the top rail, draw inspiration from the natural world, forging a deep connection between the artisan's creativity and the landscapes, flora, and fauna that surrounded them.

Whether serving as entry doors, interior dividers, or decorative pieces, Rajasthani doors are renowned for their remarkable strength, rooted in carefully selected materials and traditional craftsmanship. They are an integral and prized feature of traditional Rajasthani architecture.

During the Rajput era in Rajasthan, artists and craftsmen thrived, supported by the Rajput rulers who fostered the creation of detailed miniature paintings depicting mythology and courtly life.  Rajasthani wooden doors are more than just entrances; they embody exceptional strength and durability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they are designed to withstand the test of time and provide security for the households they protect. This door has done exactly that, its vivid colours preserved, that suggests it was an interior door and frame, protected from the elements such as the blazing desert sunshine, and the monsoon rains.