Antique Hand Painted Indian Iron Water Vessel Circa 17th Century
17th Century Mughal Water Vessel: Iron pot with Jodha Akbar scene.






Circa 17th Century

Place of origin

Rajasthan, India

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Width: 37cmHeight: 48cmDepth: 68cmWeight: 3kgs

About the product

This remarkable water vessel dates to the 17th century, made of iron, which gives it a solid and slightly cool texture. Over time, the surface has developed a gentle patina.

This piece is about 37 cm wide, 48 cm high and its depth is 68 cm. It has a graceful shape with a rounded, bulbous body that tapers elegantly to a slender neck.

The vessel depicts a scene inspired by the legendary Mughal emperor Akbar and his queen, Jodha Bai. The iron pot, a significant element in the composition, symbolises the essence of daily life and adds a rustic charm to the artwork.

The vibrant colours still feature deep reds, blues, and greens.

Each brushstroke and detail speaks to the skill and artistry of the craftspeople from the 17th century.

With its rich cultural references and artistic finesse, the Iron Water Pot with Jodha Akbar painting, is a captivating centrepiece, evoking a sense of admiration and appreciation for the artistic heritage of the Mughal era. 

It is an eye-catching and colourful addition to any interior.