Vintage Indian Handmade Geometric Patterned Wooden Mirror Frame – 1900’s
Textured Time: Vintage Indian Mirror Frame - Geometric patterns & warm wood (1900s).







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Width: 97cmHeight: 150cmDepth: 3cmWeight: 20kg

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Vintage Indian Handmade Geometric Patterned Wooden Mirror Frame, 1900’s

This vintage Indian handmade mirror frame, is crafted from warm brown wood, is adorned with intricate geometric patterns, and features a graceful arch at the top.

The mirror frame has a textured surface of aged brown wood. The warmth of the colour suggests a history that has unfolded over time, creating a connection to the craftsmanship of the past.

The edge of the frame has a series of geometric patterns, each shape meticulously hand-carved into the wood. These patterns form a tactile mosaic, featuring precise lines, angles, and interlocking shapes.

At the top of the frame is a distinctive arch. This arch adds a sense of elegance and uniqueness to the mirror frame, creating a tactile focal point that invites exploration.

The curvature of the arch may feel smooth and graceful, providing a sensory contrast to the angular geometric patterns below.

Within the arch, additional geometric details are present, enhancing the overall pattern and adding a layer of complexity to your tactile journey. The combination of straight lines and the gentle curve of the arch creates a harmonious balance.

Dimensions: Width:  97cm, Height: 150cm, Depth: 3cm