Vintage Indian table & tub combination - "Ghara" or "Matka" table, Circa 1960
Traditional Touch: Teakwood Ghara Table - Functional & Decorative (India).




Wood & Wrought Iron


Circa 1960

Place of origin

Gujarat, India

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Width: 100cmHeight: 72cmDepth: 50cmWeight: 27kg

About the product

Indian Ghara (Water Storage Container)

This Indian ghara table has a sturdy, flat surface to accommodate the Ghara.

The table size is tailored to the dimensions of the Ghara, our piece is rectangular, about 70 cm high, 120 cm wide, and 45 cm long, and made of dark brown, rich-colored teak wood.

Its surface is smooth and well-polished, which feels cool to the touch.

This ghara is a large, deep, round container, made of the same material as the table and supported with metal straps around the outside of the surface.

The tub is incorporated as a central element and attached to one end of the table. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.

It can be used as a side table in your living room, or a decorative hallway console table will add a touch of vintage elegance to your home décor.

Dimensions: Width: 100 cm, Height: 72 cm, Depth: 50 cm