Vintage Transistor Radio & Gramophone Cabinet, Early 20th Century
Colonial entertainment center: Cabinet housing a gramophone & transistor radio.




Wood, Glass, Iron


Early 20th Century

Place of origin

New Jersey, USA

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Width: 80cmHeight: 105cmDepth: 50cmWeight: 40kg

About the product

This stunning cabinet in its heyday would have been the focal piece of the drawing room in a colonial home and would have inside it a transistor radio and gramophone.
The transistor radio allowed individuals to tune in to broadcasts and stay connected to the outside world, transcending geographical boundaries and providing a sense of cultural exchange. In many regions, these radios became cherished possessions, embodying the influence and impact of the British Empire on the global stage.
With the commercialization of radio broadcasting, many manufacturers began to sell radio receivers with RCA-Victor being prominent during the golden age of radio. RCA-Victor RCA-Victor Company was born from the merger of two existing companies- Victor Talking Machine Company and the Radio Corporation of America.
Often adorned with the emblem or branding of the British Empire, they became symbols of modernity and connectivity in various parts of the world.