Antique Indian Hand Carved Teakwood Side Table/Kashmiri Table – late 19th Century
Antique Indian side table with intricate leaf and grapevine carvings on rich, brown teakwood.



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Width: 44cmHeight: 48cmDepth: 44cmWeight: 3kg

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Antique Indian Hand Carved Teakwood SidebTable/Kashmiri Table – late 19th Century.

The table is compact yet substantial, crafted from sturdy deep brown teakwood, its surface has a smooth, polished texture that has aged gracefully over the years. This antique table has an octagonal top and is raised on 3 hand-carved legs.

The color of the teak wood, in its rich brown hue, adds a sense of depth and history to the piece.

The exquisite display of intricate leaf and grape vine patterns is meticulously carved into the teakwood.

The carvings are deep and detailed, creating a tactile tapestry that tells a story of nature's beauty. Each leaf and grape vine are distinct, representing the skill of the artisan in the precision of their work.

The curves of the leaves and the delicate outlines of the grape vines transform a simple piece of furniture into a work of intricate beauty.

The table's legs, also carved with matching patterns. The craftsmanship extends to every corner, creating a sense of unity in design.

The teakwood, with its natural warmth, complements the detailed carvings, adding a layer of richness to the overall sensory experience.

The combination of the teakwood's durability and the elaborate carvings makes this piece not only a functional side table but also a testament to the artistry and cultural heritage of Kashmir.

The history and craftsmanship embedded in every curve and motif, making it not just a piece of furniture but a tactile journey into the beauty of Indian artistry.

Dimensions: Width: 44 cm, Height: 48 cm, Depth: 44 cm