Antique Indian Teak wood Rocking Chair with Metal Springs and Turned Supports - 19th Century
19th Century Treasure: Rustic teak rocking chair - A piece of Indian history.



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Width: 62cmHeight: 98cmDepth: 76cmWeight: 45kg

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Antique Indian Teak wood Rocking Chair with Metal Springs and Turned Supports - 19th Century

This rustic antique 19th Century Indian Teak wood Rocking Chair with metal springs and nicely distressed appearance is a fascinating piece with a rich history.

Dating back to the 19th century places this rocking chair in a historical context, adding to its value.

It witnessed a time of significant Indian craftsmanship and design evolution, making it a unique artifact.

The term "rustic" implies a style that is simple, rugged, and evokes a rural or natural aesthetic.

This antique rocking chair features a weathered appearance, with natural imperfections, giving it a charming and well-worn feel.

It has turned supports, often seen in antique furniture, which are intricately shaped and carved, providing both structural support and decorative flair.

The incorporation of metal springs on both the seat and backside enhances the chair's comfort level.

The fact that it has missing parts adds a layer of mystery and intrigue. It raises questions about the chair's journey through time, the wear and tear it has endured, and the stories it might hold. Restoration efforts could potentially bring it back to its former glory while preserving its antique character.

Being a rocking chair, it features a well-designed rocking mechanism, providing both comfort and functionality.

Over the years, the teak wood would have developed a unique patina, showcasing its age and history. This patina, along with the rustic design and metal springs, contributes to the chair's overall aesthetic charm.

In summary, the antique rustic 19th century Indian teak wood rocking chair with metal springs and turned supports, despite missing parts, is a captivating piece that reflects the craftsmanship and style of a bygone era.

Its imperfections and the passage of time only enhance its character and historical significance.

Dimensions: Width: 62 cm, Height: 98 cm, Depth: 76 cm