Vintage Teak Wood Naga Water Troughs - India - Early 20th Century
Hand-carved Naga water troughs from Nagaland, India (coffee table, plant stand).


£1500 Each




Early 20th Century

Place of origin

Nagaland, India

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Width: 136cmHeight: 15cmDepth: 35cmWeight: 30kg

About the product

Vintage Teak Wood Naga Water Troughs - India - Early 20th Century

With original patina, irregular shapes and lines with impacts left by the tools used to carve the wood, the history of these throughs is stamped in its texture.

These vintage troughs are hand-carved from a single piece of wood, making each piece unique. 

The geometric lines are not precise, and the edges are not defined.

The natural roughness of the material is what gives the troughs their authenticity.

The shape of the pieces is rectangular, about 115 - 136cm wide, 15 cm high and 30-35 cm depth.

These traditional troughs come from Nagaland, a mountainous state in northeast India and are handcrafted by the tribe Naga. The Naga tribe people use their troughs to remove husk from gains.

They may serve a wide variety of roles in the future setting in your home, such as a coffee table, a low hallway side table or even as a plant pot stand.

It is truly a conversation starter where vintage meets modern industrial.