Vintage Indian Handcrafted Low Lounge Cane rattan and Teakwood Chair, mid 1900’s
Vintage Indian Teak & Rattan Chair. Low profile, comfort & style







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Width: 58cmHeight: 80cmDepth: 70cmWeight: 15kg

About the product

This vintage Indian handcrafted low lounge chair seamlessly blends the natural textures of cane rattan and warm brown teakwood.

The frame is crafted from rich brown teakwood. The wood feels sturdy and carries a smooth yet slightly textured surface.

The teakwood, aged with time, offers a warm and inviting touch.

The backrest and seat are woven with cane rattan. The cane rattan provides a distinct texture that feels both natural and resilient. It has an intricated weaving pattern, and subtle variations in the cane's thickness, adding a tactile dimension to the chair's surface.

The backrest has a gentle incline, and the flexibility and breathability of the material of the cane rattan seat provide comfort and a sense of openness.

The seat is closer to the ground, and the overall form encourages a relaxed and laid-back seating position.

Together, the combination of cane rattan and teakwood creates a harmonious vintage chair that seamlessly marries natural elements. The tactile experience involves feeling the sturdy teakwood frame, the intricate weaving of cane rattan, and the overall contours designed for comfort.