Vintage Indian handcrafted and hand painted wooden horse figurine – late 20th Century
Indian Folk Art: Hand-painted Wooden Horse Figurine (Late 20th Century).


£250 Each


Mango Wood / Teak Wood


20th Century

Place of origin


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DP-GH-20-016 (1-4)


Width: 15/15cmHeight: 46/50/54cmDepth: 50/52/56/60cmWeight: 12kg

About the product

Vintage Indian handcrafted and hand-painted wooden horse figurine – late 20th-century

This vintage Indian handcrafted and hand-painted colourful wooden horse figurine from the late 20th century is a charming and culturally rich piece of art.

This piece has been crafted from solid wood, likely a locally available variety such as mango or rosewood, the figurine showcases the use of natural materials. The wood has been carefully selected for its quality, ensuring a smooth surface for painting and overall durability.

The wooden horse figurine features a stylised and artistic representation of a horse. The design incorporates traditional Indian artistic elements, combining grace and simplicity to capture the essence of the animal. The figurine stands on all four legs, reflecting a sense of strength and stability.

The figurine's surface is adorned with vibrant hand-painted details. The artisan has used a rich and diverse colour palette, including hues commonly found in traditional Indian art. Intricate patterns, and geometric designs, cover the horse, creating a visually striking and lively appearance.

Additional details such as painted eyes, mane, tail, and decorative accessories like a bridle or saddle are included. These details enhance the overall charm of the figurine, showcasing the artisan's attention to both the anatomical accuracy of a horse and the imaginative elements introduced for artistic flair.

The size of the wooden horse figurine is moderate, providing enough surface area for the detailed hand-painted designs. It is small enough for easy display, allowing it to be a focal point in any room.

As a vintage piece from the late 20th century, the wooden horse is showing signs of ageing, including a natural patina that adds character to the figurine. This patina contributes to its vintage aesthetic, telling a story of its history and cultural significance.

The choice of colours, patterns, and the representation of a horse carries cultural significance. Horses have played various roles in Indian culture, from mythology to daily life, and the figurine could embody these cultural connections. The artistic style may also reflect regional influences or traditional craftsmanship.

Dimensions: Width: 15/15 cm, Height: 50/54 cm, Depth: 52/60 cm