Vintage Decorative Wrought Iron Temple Panel, Circa 1920
Ramayana on Wrought Iron: Hand-painted temple panel with Hanuman's tale.




Wrought Iron


Circa 1920

Place of origin

Rajasthan, India

Product code



Width: 150cmHeight: 230cmDepth: 120cmWeight: 28kg

About the product

This hand painted Vintage Decorative Temple Panel, crafted from intricately designed wrought iron, radiates an array of colours & breaths life into the story it portrays. When illuminated by an ensemble of 55 candles, known as Diyas, it creates a magical visual.
This colourful & vibrant panel depicts the legendary tale from the Ramayana, of Lord Hanuman’s story of valor, bravery, and compassion and his heroic journey to retrieve the medicinal herb, Vishalya Karani or Sanjeevani, that was available on Mount Gandhamadana.