Antique Indian handcrafted brass water pot - 19th Century
Timeless Brass: Antique Indian Water Pot - A legacy of craftsmanship (19th C).


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19th Century

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Width: 30cmHeight: 40cmDepth: 30cmWeight: 17kg

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Antique Indian Handcrafted Brass Water Pot - 19th Century

This antique Indian handcrafted brass water pot from the 19th century is a magnificent example of traditional craftsmanship, embodying the cultural and artistic richness of the time.

The antique piece is crafted from solid brass, a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass was a popular choice due to its durability, malleability, and ability to take on intricate detailing.

The pot features an elegant and harmonious silhouette, with a rounded body tapering towards the base for stability. This pot has a moderate size, designed to hold a substantial amount of water for daily use and to be easily handled.

Over the years, the brass developed a rich patina, giving the water pot a warm, antique glow. This patina is a testament to the object's age and adds to its historical charm.

The pot has been designed with functionality in mind. The opening is wide enough for easy filling and cleaning, and the construction ensures durability for everyday use.

In addition to its utilitarian function, the water pot holds cultural significance. Water has deep cultural and spiritual importance in India, and such a handcrafted vessel would likely be used in various rituals, ceremonies, and daily life, symbolizing purity and hospitality.

Dimensions: Width:   30cm, Height:  40cm, Depth:   30cm