19th century hand crafted Indian Brass Jhula (Swing) Chains set of 4
Sw swinging in Style: Artisan-Made Jhula Chains - Intricate Brasswork (India).




Circa 1900

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Width: 7cmHeight: 210cmDepth: 2cmWeight: 8 KG

About the product

The chains for an Indian Jhula (swing) are an exquisitely crafted design, made from durable brass to ensure longevity, and it is a symbol of leisure, community, and the artistry passed down through generations.

Skilled artisans have created floral-designed metal links, interlocked with precision and a peacock design on both ends, conveying a sense of solidity and durability.

Each link is a small, sturdy segment, contributing to the overall structure that supports the gentle sway of the jhula .

With sentimental value, they often feature in festive celebrations and family gatherings, symbolizing India's artistic legacy and joyful traditions. The composition celebrates elegance, functionality, and timeless charm. The use of brass metal further enhances the allure, reflecting light and adding a sense of luxury.