Contemporary Hand-crafted Mango Wood Blue Bench from India – 20th Century
Modern Meets Mango: Blue Handcrafted Bench - A touch of Indian artistry.


Mango Wood



Place of origin

Goa, India

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Width: 153cmHeight: 85cmDepth: 58cmWeight: 60kg

About the product

Contemporary Hand-crafted Mango Wood Blue Bench from India – 20th Century

This contemporary handcrafted mango wood blue bench from India, dating back to the 20th century, represents a fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements with natural beauty.

While designed with a contemporary aesthetic, the bench may still draw inspiration from traditional Indian craftsmanship. It could incorporate subtle nods to cultural elements, connecting the piece to the rich heritage of Indian woodworking while embracing a modern sensibility.

Crafted from mango wood, a durable hardwood commonly found in India, the bench showcases a seamless blend of traditional material with a contemporary twist. Mango wood's warm and natural characteristics provide a solid foundation for modern design.

This bench features a contemporary design with clean lines, minimalistic aesthetics, handcrafted details, and subtle carvings, showcasing the artisan's skill while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. The overall design is likely to prioritise functionality and simplicity.

Despite its contemporary design, the handcrafted nature of the bench contributes to its authenticity. Each piece may exhibit the artisan's touch, and the variations in wood grain or finish could highlight its individuality. The combination of handcraftsmanship and modern design enhances its appeal.

The vibrant blue finish contributes to a stylish and contemporary look. The blue hue, paired with the natural tones of mango wood, creates a visually appealing contrast.

This type of bench is well-suited for contemporary interiors. It could serve as a statement piece in a living room, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The handcrafted elements, while subtle, add a layer of uniqueness that sets it apart from mass-produced furniture.

Its solid construction and comfortable seating add elegance to any space. Perfect for entryways, living rooms, or dining areas, this bench offers functionality and visual appeal in a compact design.

Dimensions: Width: 153 cm, Height: 85 cm, Depth: 58 cm